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Canvas - Learning Management System

We use the learning management software "Canvas" as a platform for providing assignments, lectures, quizzes, tests and also to provide an easy and effect way to communicate with your instructor by using video chats, assignment reviews and message boards. Canvas helps bridge the gap from the classroom to your room with a downloadable application available for both android and IOS. Canvas tutorials are readily available on YouTube  or by clicking the "Canvas Orientation" button below. 


Emergency Procedures 

Please take time to read and understand our Emergency procedures. Contact information along with emergency procedures can be viewed by clicking the "Emergency Procedures" button Below. 

Student Grievance Form 

If you are a student current or previous and have a grievance involving Allied Health Career Training, LLC, please fill out out our "Grievance Form" to ensure that you are heard. This form will go directly to Allied administration to be immediately investigated. Following investigation, Allied administration will reach out to you with questions and further communication involving the reported grievance. We want to make it a point to provide the very best customer service and we can't do that if we are not in touch with our students, so please inform us of any grievance you may have.