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Rural CMA Training program

Rural CMA Training Program


Instructor info

Allied will pay an instructor $750 for 25 hours of clinical work. We will require our instructors to complete the Allied instructor standards and expectations training course via a canvas tutorial. We will also assist in getting teaching papers for any RN that does not already have the proper teaching credentials from the state.

Facility and Student Info

Allied will provide the online content with oversight of online performance as well as the $20 per student state fee.

minimum enrollment is 4 students with a maximum of 6 students.

Total Price per student $435 - $200 Down to enroll but balance must be paid in full before final. This is made quick and easy with our Allied student portal.

Allied is offering this to nursing homes for $2,400 to enroll up to 6 students if they want to sponsor the entire class. 

State Exam fee is not included. Allied does have a testing facility but you may want to find a closer facility depending on your location. Allied can also bring the state exam to the students for $45/student for a minimum of 4 students. 

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