Allied Health Career Training prides itself on being on the forefront of educational technology. Enrollment for our courses is done online, even if the student calls or comes to see us in-person, we still enroll them into our online enrollment system. 

How enrollment works:

  • The process begins on our website: Any course-related information can be found here. There is very little that isn't spelled out in our course list.
  • The student first creates a profile. They can use this profile to enroll in courses and make payments. 
  • Then they choose the course they want. 
  • Students are asked to make an online payment when registering. If they cannot make a payment immediately or need to pay in cash or with a check, we ask them to contact us via phone or come in to talk with us. 
  • Students coming to us from DCF/Workforce are asked to enroll in the Pre-enrollment course. We monitor this course and contact all new pre-enrolled students as soon as they enroll. From there we can determine if they need enrolled in a course or if they need to wait for approval to enroll from DCF/Workforce. 


DCF/Workforce Student Enrollment Process

Private Pay Student Enrollment Process

Course schedule creation process

Emergency Procedures Information