Host a Class at your Facility

We provide quality distance-learning for facilities located in rural communities. Using our premium Learning Management software we will provide the curriculum and payroll needed to host a class at your facility. The option of providing your own skills and clinical instructor or using one of our trained professionals allows you to customize your services. We will also assist in the process of receiving your teaching certificate for the Registered Nurses that are interested in being skills and clinical instructors. These classes come in in two different formats, our traditional All-Inclusive option provides all of the course materials including books, pens, highlighters, book bags, and even scrubs for qualified classes. The second option is our minimalist option that lowers the price of the class per-student but leaves them on the hook to provide all of the course materials. 

Advanced Dementia & Alzheimer Training for Your Facility 

We can provide advanced Teepa Snow Dementia and Alzheimer training for your facility staff. This includes hands-on floor work and in-depth review of a positive approach. Fill out the document below for more information or to schedule your event.

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