Allied Technical Knowledge base

Instructors, feel free to contact technical support any time you need assistance: or text 785-979-9309

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Gaining Access to Canvas:

Typically access to Canvas is granted via email to both teachers and students. This method involves an admin or teacher adding your email address to Canvas. Canvas then sends an invitation to the email we have on file.

Alternatively, access to Canvas can be granted via a URL: this link will allow users to set up an account in our Canvas LMS. This link, used in conjunction with a JOIN CODE (join codes are course specific and are found in the “settings” options for each course), will grant a user access to a specific course and add their account to our LMS (Learning Management System)

Troubleshooting tips

Issue: Can’t Log in

First, ensure the user is trying to log in at the correct URL:

Trying to log in at or any other URL will not work.

Resolution: First option is to ask user to use the “forgot password” link on the login page.

The “forgot password” link, when clicked, will ask the user to enter their email address. This needs to be the same email address they used to register for the course or this will not work.

If the user cannot reset their password on their own, tech support should be contacted to reset the password manually.

To reset a student’s password manually as an admin, follow the steps below:

  1. Login as an administrator (must have admin account type)

  2. Click the “Admin” button found in the left navigation menu

  3. Select “Allied Health Career Training”

  4. Select “People” in the secondary left navigation menu

  5. Click inside the “Search people…” search box near the top of the page

  6. Begin typing name or email in the search field

  7. Click on the user’s name (underlined in blue)

  8. Click on the little pencil icon found under “Login Information” (see pic below)

9. Type a new password into the “Password” and the “Confirm Password” fields (see pic below)


10. Click “Update Login” and notify user of their new password.

Unlocking Modules

Modules are typically locked because a student did not check a specific box, finish an assignment completely, or submit a quiz with a specific passing grade.

The best method to troubleshoot a locked module is to first “Act As User” so that you can see what the student sees. “Act As User” allows you, as the instructor, to see Canvas exactly as your student sees it.

Guide to Acting as User:

  1. Log in as you would normally log in

  2. Browse to the course in which the student is having issues

  3. Click “People” inside the course menu

  4. Locate the student’s name and click it

  5. A fly-out menu will appear on the right side of your screen

  6. Click “Act As User” directly under the student’s avatar

  7. Click “Proceed”

  8. This will place a magenta bar at the bottom of your screen

  9. Navigate Canvas as the student to find their problem area and resolve

  10. Click “Stop Acting As User” on the magenta bar when you are finished.

Common Terms:

LMS or Learning Management System - This is the type of tool that Canvas is. Students do their coursework, watch videos, take quizzes and interact with their instructors here.

Enrollment System - Allied uses Learning Stream to collect student information, accept payments, and enroll students into classes.

App - This is a piece of software that is installed on a mobile device.

Mobile Device - A phone or tablet, typically these devices are touchscreen.

Student Profile - This is the student’s information as it is stored in our “enrollment system”, Learning Stream.

Canvas Account - This is the student’s account in our LMS, Canvas.

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