AVG. Pay:   $9.50/hr - $12.50/hr                          Price of Course:  $659                          AVG. Length of Course:  4 Weeks


What is next? 

On the next page you will find a listing of all of our currently scheduled Certified Nurse Aide classes at our Central Wichita Campus. All that you will have to do is find a class that fits your schedule. Click the "Learn more" button under each scheduled class to find exact dates. After finding the right class, you will either need to create or sign in to an allied student profile and finish your enrollmeny by checking out.  


Note: While browsing the scheduled classes, notice that some may include terms such as (fast track), ( Hybrid/online) or (in-house). These terms describe the style in which the class will be taught. More details about each classes learning style can be found by clicking the "Learn More" button under each scheduled class.