Let us help solve your CNA shortage!

How it Works

  1. Let us know that you are interested in hosting CNA classes using this service

  2. License an RN from your facility as a CNA instructor in Kansas

  3. Your RN will get training to use our online platform, Canvas, by taking our online Canvas teacher training course

  4. You can recruit students from within or we can help recruit students with you

  5. You pay us a flat rate for the curriculum and online platform and then charge the students for the training

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There are so many benefits to training and hiring CNAs this way. You get to train them in your facility’s culture and procedures. You get to see the brightest and best students right away and can hire them right after the course. This is also a great tool to promote from within your organization. You can also offer classes to step up from housekeeping, cooking, and other positions into a CNA position.